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How to choose the 3 finger cigar holder

How to choose the 3 finger cigar holder

If I could only choose one portable cigar equipment, I would definitely choose a cigar case. Basically, there will be a portable cigar case in the bag. For cigar smokers, the role of cigar cases is very important whenever they go out. However, there are many types of cigar cases, how to choose the most suitable one?

My own criteria for choosing a cigar cover are big three, which means the cigar cover can hold large ring diameter cigars, and three means the cigar cover can hold three cigars. First of all, it is better to choose a cigar cover that is larger than a small one. The big one here refers to the large ring diameter. The larger the ring diameter of the cigar that can be put into the cigar cover, the wider the applicability. It is best to choose a cigar case that can fit a ring gauge of 56 or above. If you smoke more cigars, you will find that you will try a variety of different cigars, and the ring gauges you smoke will become larger and larger. Nowadays, many daily cigars are in 50 ring gauge and above, a cigar holder that can hold 56 or above ring gauge cigars can meet the requirements.

Secondly, if you only have one cigar case, don’t choose a single cigar case. It is best to choose a cigar case that can hold three cigars. Three cigars are enough to cope with the day's consumption. If it is a single cigar, it cannot handle emergencies, such as having an extra friend to share with, wanting to smoke another after smoking, etc.
The material of cigar cases is generally leather, but also includes pine, metal, plastic, etc. Choosing a portable cigar case with pure leather will leave the mark of time after multiple uses. In addition to the junior standard, the material of the cigar cover is generally relatively soft, such as leather or carbon fiber. Generally, very hard, too hard cigar covers such as metal or wood are not chosen for large ring diameter cigars. When doing so, the wrapper may be accidentally cut.

There are many cigar cases that are very beautiful and very expensive, and there are also cheap ones that are of average quality. Their functions are still the same. There are many mahogany cigar cases, many of which come with cigar humidors. These cigar covers are beautiful and have the best moisturizing effect, but their weight and size are issues we need to consider when using them. In the end, I found that the simplest cigar case of three packs is the most widely used.
One thing to be very careful about is that you should not put unfinished cigars into a cigar case, even if you cut off all the ash and gray parts. Cigars that have been extinguished after smoking will produce a wet smell in a closed place. This smell Will stain cigar cases very strongly.

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