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Can I have a taste of your cigar?

Can I have a taste of your cigar?

Smoking cigars is a feeling, a passion that captures one's heart and then becomes internalized into one's lifestyle. For a long time, while we have enjoyed the wonderful world inside the cigar cloud, we have also taken the trouble to tell the beginners around us the ins and outs of cigars and our every bit of experience in the smoking process. For the most part, we are a patient “teacher,” passing on ancient cigar knowledge.

Everything requires patience, but sometimes we do lose our patience. That is when we are asked the five most annoying questions of some cigar lovers. Check to see if you are also such a "teacher".

1. "What's the point of smoking a cigar? It's not good for your lungs..."

When you smoke a cigar or talk to others about cigars, non-cigar smokers will always ask, "What do you smoke when you smoke a cigar?" Cigarette smokers will also ask, "After learning that cigars do not enter the lungs," What's the point of pumping?"

Asking these questions is like walking up to a group of regular runners and asking, "What's so exciting about running?" or seeing people traveling around taking photos with cameras on their shoulders, and asking, "What's so exciting about photography?" In fact, this is the same thing. It's a hobby. If you don't immerse yourself in it and study it, you will never know the fun in it. Some hobbies are also internalized into your lifestyle, and cigars are such a thing.

There is a huge difference between cigars and cigarettes. Don't always confuse cigarettes and cigars. You can see people squatting on the side of the road blowing out cigarette holders, but have you ever seen anyone squatting and smoking a cigar? As for whether a cigar can enter your lungs or not, it all depends on the individual. The reason why it does not enter the lungs is that ordinary people cannot bear the pain of entering the lungs. If you think you are an old smoker, try it if it enters the lungs. You will not feel dizzy and it will not hinder anyone else from doing anything.

2. "You know tobacco is harmful, why do you still smoke cigars..."

The author writes articles to promote cigar culture and advocate a high-quality lifestyle in multiple media. There will always be some people who leave messages at the end of the article. "People who smoke cigars are walking towards death step by step", "I hope you enjoy your cancer", "Smoking cigars is extremely harmful" and so on.

This is never a problem when you are religiously invested with genuine interest and affection in something. Just like you ask those devout religious believers and Nazis. On the contrary, they will seize every opportunity to influence you on your beliefs or values.

I usually also ask them some questions, "Do you drink?" "Do you eat fried food?" "Do you prefer sweets?" "Do you like carbonated drinks?" "Do you bungee jump or ride a roller coaster?" They always Plausibly retort "I am moderate." Well, you already know the answer, why are you still asking such a rude and retarded question? Just pay more attention to the business at hand and just live your own life. Why do you worry so much about other people's happiness?

3. "Can I have a taste of your cigar..."

When you are holding a precious limited edition cigar, leaning on the leather sofa in the club, and sharing the happiness of smoking in a crowd, this voice suddenly comes out, "Can I have a taste of your cigar?" .

But please believe that most of these voices come from reckless young people or old people with beards, and they are definitely not from super beautiful women.

All joking aside, cigars are really what you put in your mouth. When you light up the lighter, hold this magical object between your lips, and inhale the first puff of smoke, the cutter of the cigar is already covered with your saliva. As you smoke more and more frequently, there will be more and more saliva at the cut edge of the cigar. Okay, I guess you already know that you wouldn't want to kiss someone of the same sex, right?

4. “Can you bring a cigar to everyone at the party to try…”

Cigar smokers cherish the cigars hidden in their boxes. They need to place them in a cigar electronic cabinet with constant temperature and humidity. They should take a look at them every once in a while, check the temperature and humidity, and turn the cigars to make them even. Aging.

Putting aside the expensive value of the cigars, bringing one to everyone at the party involves the problem of taking the cigars out of the climate-controlled electronic cabinet in the first place. Cigar storage requires a temperature of 18-20 degrees and a humidity control of 65-75%. Just like the capital Beijing, the temperature is either extremely cold or extremely hot. The weather is extremely dry, and the humidity sometimes does not even reach half. When a cigar is exposed to dry air, it will be seriously injured. The wrapper will crack and the cap will explode, which not only affects the smoking, but most importantly, affects the taste. Therefore, all cigar lovers must equip themselves with a portable case, and take one or two cigars with them when they go out every day. No one will go out carrying an electronic cabinet every day, right?

Do you know how cigar lovers communicate with each other? You are holding your own cigar box, and I am holding my own cigar box. Look at your cigars, check mine, exchange mine for yours, and exchange glass beads of different colors with two childhood friends. Same.

What do you hate most about the Cigar Club survey? “Seeing someone else throw away a half-smoked cigar” is always at the top of the list.

5. "Can you take the cigar and smoke it a little further..."

Tasting cigars generally requires a relatively closed place, one is not to disturb friends who do not smoke cigars, and the other is also a requirement for tasting cigars. For experienced cigar smokers, be very careful about this and do not affect women and children. Sometimes when we smoke outdoors, we will smoke more than 20 meters away from each other. If you go to a specialized cigar club, you don’t have to pick on the cigar smokers, this is their own space. If you can't accept it, you can choose to leave.

Smoking cigars is also allowed in Las Vegas casinos, and there is usually a small sign on the gaming table that says "Smoking Allowed." If the female gambler sitting next to you shows disgust and asks you to move to another table, you can say humorously, "Sorry, ma'am, I don't have my glasses. Can you help me read what's on that sign?" ?"

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