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Cigar knowledge

Cigar knowledge

Cigars can be said to be a work of art, and they seem to be cultural things that need to abide by some of the most basic rules.

The cap part of the first cigar was cut too much. The cap part is a round tobacco leaf that covers the cigar like a hat. The surrounding area is glued with plant adhesive to prevent the wrapper and binder from cracking. . If you cut it too much, it will cause the cap part to completely crack, damage the filler and wrapper, and leave a mouthful of debris. How to avoid it? As long as we cut off the unglued middle part, the cut should be a round shape so as not to damage other tobacco leaves.

Second, do not use kerosene, gasoline, or other smelly lighters to light cigars, as these smells will be washed into the cigars. The correct way is to use a butane gas lighter, or you can use wood chips in a cigar box, etc.

The third is to put the cigar in an ashtray instead of wiping it out directly after smoking the cigar, let it sit quietly, and then it will extinguish automatically. If it is like a cigarette, there will be soot everywhere and a very unpleasant smell.

The fourth is to put the half-smoked cigar directly back into the humidor. Just like clothes, both the cigar and the cigar humidor will absorb the smell. If you put a half-smoked cigar back, it will contaminate the contents inside. Cigars will also cause the humidor to emit an unpleasant smell, which will also affect the cigars stored in the future.

Although smoking cigars is a symbol of confidence and maturity, and tasting cigars is also a very enjoyable thing, we should not be too persistent. Last time we talked about 4 points, this time we talk about the remaining 4 points.

Fifth, the puffing frequency is too high. The good taste of a cigar is determined by the burning temperature of the cigar. The puffing frequency interval is about 30 seconds. The burning speed of a cigar is determined by humidity, speed and strength. Each one has its own gold burning speed. Generally, it takes three seconds to inhale, three seconds to hold, and three seconds to exhale. This is the rhythm of the cigar.

The sixth is to put the smoke into the lungs. The difference between cigars and cigarettes lies in the way of smoking. For cigars, you need to forcefully spit out the smoke and spit it out completely. The reason is to taste the remaining aroma.

The seventh is to use the cigar packaging box as a humidor. Some packaging boxes have humidification bags, but do not expect this to ensure the humidity of the cigars, but to ensure the freshness of the cigars. Take the cigars out of the humidor and the function of the box has been lost. If we talk about moisturizing, it means keeping cigars in aluminum tubes for a few days.

The last point is to wrap the cigars and put them in the refrigerator. This method is absolutely not feasible. The refrigerator is actually much drier than we think, and cigars can easily absorb various flavors in the refrigerator and destroy their own flavor. Refrigeration keeps things fresh by drying them, not moisturizing them.

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