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What is the unique charm of wooden humidor

What is the unique charm of wooden humidor

As one of the all-natural products, cigars, like other products, need to be cared for carefully.
For cigars, a humidor with excellent texture and exquisite workmanship is as important as the carved saddle that is indispensable for a fine horse. Among the many types of humidors, wooden humidors are the most popular among the many types of humidors.

During the aging process of cigars, a large amount of nitrogen gas will be produced. If it is stored in boxes made of other materials, the smell of ammonia gas will destroy the original aroma of cigars, which is unacceptable.

The wooden cigar box can exchange fresh air with the outside world in a closed state, so the ammonia gas produced during the aging process can be discharged out of the cigar box at any time, so that the natural fragrance of the cigars will not be damaged.

In addition, cigars have been stored in wooden humidors for a long time, and the aroma of eggplant and wood are intertwined, giving off a mild and pleasant aroma. When a cigar smoker opens a wooden humidor, the aroma of the cigars is pleasant, which is one of the reasons why many cigar smokers love wooden humidors.

What makes a wooden humidor so highly regarded is that it is crafted from Spanish cedar wood!

Spanish cedar wood is different from ordinary wood. Spanish cedar wood contains a small amount of resin, which emits an acidic aroma.

Therefore, the humidor made of this material can not only effectively prevent the cigars from the invasion of cigar bugs, but also increase the mellow aroma of the cigars and accelerate the alcoholization of the cigars, so that the cigars can reach their best condition.

Not only that, Spanish cedar wood can effectively maintain the humidity of the cigars in the box. Summer is relatively humid, and Spanish cedar wood can automatically absorb part of the water vapor, and release some water vapor when it is dry in winter, so as to maintain the best humidity environment for cigars and prevent cigars from drying out and becoming moldy.

The greatest value of wooden cigar boxes is in the lining, while the greatest appreciation value is in the exterior. Beautiful decoration is also one of the reasons why wooden cigar boxes are more popular.

We can see various types of cigar boxes in the market, but wooden cigar boxes with simple and heavy texture often attract the eyes of buyers instantly. This is because wooden cigar boxes are very exquisite in workmanship and meticulously crafted, and the finished products give people a strong ornamental value.

Cigar lovers buy beautifully decorated wooden humidors, which can not only decorate lounges, study rooms, offices and other places, but also have great historical collection value. After all, a quality wooden humidor is very strong, has a long shelf life and can last for generations if properly maintained, like antique furniture.

If you don’t have too many cigars and don’t need a humidor, then you can consider a wooden humidor, which can not only provide a good place for cigars, but also emit fragrance and facilitate alcoholization.

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