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The final step before the cigars are loaded into the humidor

The final step before the cigars are loaded into the humidor

The cigar factory makes cigars. After the cigars are put into the box, the factory link is completed, and the cigars enter the circulation link. Usually the whole box of cigars is not aged in the factory, and the cigars stored in the cigar vault are all cigars that have not been boxed. Many people think that cigars are boxed directly after rolling, but this is not the case. The last step before cigars are boxed is actually sorting.

In many cigar factories, there is a person who classifies the rolled cigars. A huge table is full of cigars. These cigars are all the same type of cigars rolled out of the same batch that day.

After each worker rolls the cigars, he will put the rolled cigars in a rectangular box. The sorting workers will pour all the cigars on the table, and then classify the cigars according to different colors. The existence of a batch of cigars is visible to the naked eye. With a wide range of color variations, some of them very different, these cigars can be divided into perhaps a dozen categories. The reason for this classification is to ensure that the cigars in a box are approximately uniform in color.

Therefore, the color of cigars in a box is generally approximately the same, and the cigars of the same year, the same brand, and the same model may have great differences in different boxes. If you buy the same type of cigars of the same year in different regions, you can see obvious color differences. Usually, many Cuban cigars in Europe are darker than those in Asia.

No cigar will ever be the same though. As a product of pure natural tobacco leaves, handmade cigars cannot guarantee that cigars of the same model are 100% consistent, no matter from the tobacco leaves themselves or the craftsmanship of the workers. There are no two identical leaves in the world, and there cannot be two identical cigars.

The sorted boxed cigars are approximately uniform in color, although time can disrupt this order.

The color of the finished cigars after boxing will also change, and the color of the finished cigars will change during the curing process. It is generally believed that there are two types of mechanisms that play a major role in the darkening reaction of tobacco leaves. One is the hydroxyl reaction, which is a complex and quite difficult continuous chemical reaction. The aroma substances produced in the middle stage of the reaction play an important role in the production of tobacco leaf aroma. The other is caramelization reaction, that is, sugars are heated to caramelize, and after a series of reactions, furan-like aroma substances are generated, resulting in a creamy aroma, and the appearance reflects the darkening of the leaf color. The cigars in the same box of cigars change in different processes, resulting in color differences.

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